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Election Commission unveils cVigil app to track violation of Model code of Conduct

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Guwahati, March 11, 2019:

In order to curb the malpractices and violation of Model code of conduct, the Election Commission of India has unveiled a mobile application, named cVigil, which is available for download on Google Play Store, the online app store.

The cVigil app will serve as eyes and ears for the ECI to cope with any violation of the Model Code of Conduct. The users can click photos or record videos of up to two-minute length and post it on the app of any violated material coming to their notice. The app will automatically geotag the video or photo to know the location and will generate a unique ID to track the complaint. One user can register multiple complaints with photos and videos needed to back them up.

The instruction on how to use the app to register a complaint mentioned below:

  • After installing the app, log on to
  • You can log in anonymously or by registering personal details.
  • Once logged in, the various MCC will be listed as below:
  1. Money Distribution
  2. Gifts/Coupons Distribution
  3. Liquor Distribution
  4. Posters/Banners without permission
  5. Display of Firearms, Intimidation
  6. Vehicles or Convoys without permission
  7. Paid News
  8. Property Defacement
  9. Transportation of Voters on polling day
  10. Campaigning within 200 meters of the polling booth.
  11. Campaigning during the ban period
  12. Religious or Communal speeches/messages
  13. Use of speakers beyond permitted time.
  14. Putting Posters without a declaration
  15. Transportation of public for rallies
  16. Others

Once the complainant decides which category the violation falls under, a photo or a video needs to be taken and then uploaded. Only one photograph can be uploaded per incident; if it’s a video it should not exceed 2 minutes. One cannot upload stored photos or videos. Also, the user has to fill in a brief description of the incident within five minutes of feeding the media.

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