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Fake News Alert: ‘New rules for social media platforms’

GUWAHATI: Have you recently received a suspicious-looking forward on WhatsApp or any other social media platform about “new rules” for social media platforms?

It turns out that the post was actually a ‘fake’ one circulated by fear mongers to disseminate fear and confusion among the masses.

The forward stated that all WhatsApp calls will be recorded and the recordings will be saved. It additionally added that WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms shall be monitored.

“Do not send any bad post or video against the government or the prime minister regarding politics or the prime minister or the current situation,” it stated, adding that posting “posting bad messages” will lead to arrests against a warrant.

A fact-finding team of the Assam police has reportedly found the information to be ‘fake.’

This development has WhatsApp is suing the Indian government over a ‘traceability’ clause in the new Intermediary Rules 2021, which were notified in February this year. In response, the government has called WhatsApp’s act as a one of defiance and wants them to comply.

“A recurring Fake News is being shared with false claims about new rules for Social Media. The content and the context of this viral forward is misleading and untrue. We once again request citizens to tread cautiously while sharing messages on Social Media,” the police wrote in a tweet, adding the hashtag #thinkbeforeyoushare.

It needs mention here that social media has been flooded with ‘fake news’ after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic adding to the confusion and overall chaos.

A misleading piece of information has also been doing rounds on social media claiming that all the vaccinated people will be dead within two years.

The name of a French Nobel Laureate has also been misleadingly attributed to the information. It further claims that “there is no chance of survival for people who have received any form of the vaccine.”

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