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Fuel prices hiked for 4th consecutive day, Petrol Rs 103.23 in Guwahati

NEW DELHI: Petrol and diesel prices were hiked for the fourth consecutive day across the country on Saturday.

The Price Of Petrol In Guwahati Is At Rs 103.23 Per Litre today.

With a hike of Rs 0.35, the petrol prices increased to Rs 107.24 per litre in the national capital while the price of diesel was raised by the same amount to Rs 95.97 per litre.

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In Mumbai, petrol and diesel prices per litre stand at Rs 113.12 and Rs 104.00 respectively.

As for Kolkata and Chennai, petrol and diesel cost Rs 107.78 and Rs 99.08 respectively in Kolkata and Rs 104.22 and Rs 100.25 respectively in Chennai.

The rising fuel prices in the country are not going to come down immediately.

The central government is in talks with several oil-exporting countries on the issue of supply and demand of oils but there is no possibility of immediate relief in prices.

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