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Galwan: Manipur Captain charged unarmed to stop Chinese PLA incursion; video goes viral

IMPHAL: An Indian Army Captain from Manipur has gone viral after China has released a video on social media which displays the bravery and valour of the Indian Army during the Galwan Valley clashes that took place in Eastern Ladakh last year.

The officer from Manipur, who is a Captain in the Indian Army’s Bihar Regiment, was reportedly commissioned in 2018.

In the video, the Captain from Manipur can be leading his men from the front in Galwan Valley during the confrontation with the Chinese troops. Somewhat surprisingly, the Manipur officer can be seen walking unarmed to stop the Chinese troops from transgressing.

According to reports, the Captain, whose name has been withheld on request from the Indian Army, received a Mention in Despatches during Republic Day this year.

The video was released after China for the first time accepted it lost four soldiers during the clash. It is now going viral on social media. India lost 20 soldiers in the clash.

The video came a day ahead of military commanders meeting to de-escalate tensions at the Line of Actual Control. The tenth Corps commander meeting between India and China began at 10 am on Saturday.

The Indian Army is yet to react to the video and maintained silence over the issue.

Although the video — released by Chinese state-run media — is meant to depict India in a poor light, Indians are claiming that it is Chinese propaganda meant to wash its hands of the mishaps at Galwan.

At least 20 Indian soldiers, including a Colonel, were killed in violent clashes with the Chinese troops on Monday on June 15 last year.

India and China have been engaged in a ten-month-long standoff at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The confrontations began on the north bank of Pangong Lake amid reports of Chinese incursions on May.

Disengagement began at the northern and southern banks of Pangong Lake recently.

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