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Assam: Garo National Council & Garo Women Council oppose creation of Garo Development Council

GUWAHATI: Assam’s Garo National Council (GNC), Garo Women Council (GINC), and the Garo Youth Council (GYC) strongly opposed and condemned the creation of the Garo Development Council (GDC) for the Garos of Assam and nomination of its chairman, vice-chairman and members, saying they never asked the Assam government for it.

The organisations stated that they were the first Garo Organisations in Assam to demand the creation of Garo Autonomous Council (GAC) on 13 March 2010 at a meeting at Langkona village near Boko, Kamrup district.

“Due to the demands state’s previous Govt Late. Tarun Gogoi repeatedly offered the GDC to us, but after knowing that Garo Development Council is meaningless, powerless, and unconstitutional, we refused to accept the offer,” they added.

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However, some opportunist self-style Garo leaders of the UGACMC accepted the GDC which destroyed the longstanding dream and demand for GAC, the release further added.
They also questioned how the president of the UGACMC Alex K. Sangma alias Mahendra Baruah can be a Garo leader and nominated as chairman of the newly formed Garo Development Council when he is not a Garo by birth.

“The newly nominated chairman/vice-chairman and the members of the Garo Development Council were never associated with the demand and movement for the Garo Autonomous Council. So, the creation of Garo Development Council and nomination of member are illegal. It is an act of underestimating the movement for the GAC and insult to the real movement leaders of the Garo community of Assam” it further added.

The above organizations said that their first and last demand is the creation of a Garo Autonomous Council; hence, they will not accept less than GAC for the Garo people dwelling in Assam.

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