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Garo women become self-reliant entrepreneurs with self-made jackfruit chips

BOKO: Young lasses from Garo-majority Kinangaon village are becoming self-reliant by making and selling jackfruit chips in the local market amid the pandemic scenario.

Sansilla D Sangma, a college student who has become a ‘chips-maker’ during the pandemic, said, “Due to the COVID19 pandemic all over India, youths lost their jobs and colleges also closed. So we decided to make handmade chips from locally available food items. We found jackfruits and bananas, which are easily available in the locality.”

Now, their handmade chips are available in the local markets in the Boko area and they are happy.

Sangma informed that they make 20 to 30 packets of jackfruit chips from a single jackfruit and they usually it for 10 rupees per packet in the market. On the other hand, 20 to 30 packets of banana chips are made from a bunch of bananas.

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Asked about their training on chip making, Sasitha D. Sangma, also a college student, informed that although they did not receive formal training, they practiced many times to be able to create perfect chips.

Benedict Alok Areng, a resident of Kinangaon village and a regular customer said that the quality of the chips is very good and they are remarkably tasty.

“We primarily use it for snacks and it is healthier than the companys’ machine-made potato chips. Children are easily attracted to chips. But the problem is company-made chips are with unknown spices — but local handmade jackfruit and banana chips don’t have any spices except salt,” he added.

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