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Girl believed to be from Northeast brutally raped by 4-5 men and a woman; video surfaces online

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GUWAHATI: A viral video surfaced on social media that shows a girl believed to be from the northeast Indian region reportedly being raped and physically tortured by 4-5 men and a woman.

However, it is still unknown where the incident occurred and in which state, who the perpetrators were, and what had driven them to commit their heinous act.

The culprits forced a liquor bottle inside the victim’s private part while recording a video.

Shockingly, a woman was seen encouraging such behavior and even held the victim down.

Although the motive for the act is unknown, the video itself tells a story in which the perpetrators appeared to be torturing and punishing the victim.

The culprits were also spotted making a video call — exchanging visuals with others while abusing the girl.

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Furthermore, a woman’s involvement in such a heinous crime has astounded all women and girls in and around the country, and they have wondered how a woman can cause pain to another woman.

The girl can be heard saying “Please do not do this to me, please do not record video… Allaah…”. At this point, one of the culprits covers her mouth with a cloth before going on to inflict untold misery on the weeping girl.

Since the horrible rape video went viral on social media, netizens have swamped the comment section of the posts about it.

A large section of netizens is demanding justice for the victim and capital punishment for the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been much coverage of this incident in the national media which has ruffled some feathers in the northeast.

A post on social media claims that the “most disturbing part is that no media is showing this cause the girl is from the northeast.”

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“It would have been national news if the girl would have been from Mumbai or Delhi,” another user said.

On the other hand, there are reports relating this viral video incident of the girl from the northeast being raped with the recent Jodhpur suicide case where a Naga girl committed suicide.
However, these two events are different, union sports minister Kiren Rijiju confirmed.

“The viral video of a girl from North-East being brutally raped and tortured by 4 men & 1 women is not related to Jodhpur suicide case. I had a detailed discussion with the Police Commissioner of Jodhpur. However, there must be all out efforts by all State Police to catch the devils,” the minister tweeted.

The Assam has already started an operation to trace down the perpetrators in the viral video.

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