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Girls using phones lead to rape, says UP women’s commission member

NEW DELHI: A member of the Uttar Pradesh Women’s Commission said that girls using mobile phones is responsible for the crime against women in India.

In a video that is doing rounds on social media platforms, Meena Kumari can be seen saying that giving mobile phones to girls can lead to rape because they talk to boys over the phone and later elope with them.

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Kumari made these remarks when reporters asked her about the reason for the rising crimes against women in the country.

“Girls should not be given mobile phones. Girls talk with boys on phones for hours and later elope with them. Their phones are not even checked and family members are unaware of these things,” Meena Kumari said.

“Parents should keep an eye on their daughters and their whereabouts. They should their phones and monitor what kind of boys they are meeting or spending time with”, she added.

Kumari also said that society needs to be more cautious about the increasing crime rates.

Kumari’s comment was not taken well by the netizens and had to face trolls for her remark.

Ruchira Chaturvedi, National Convenor of INC Social Media tweeted, “In response to a Question abt rising rape cases, Meena Kumari, Member, UP Women Commission said:“Girls should not be given mobile phones. They talk on the phone & later elope for marriage”So after Chowmein, jeans, now mobile phones r responsible for rape.”


Dentist, National Spokesperson-Indian National Congress- AICC, Dr. Shama Mohammed tweeted, “Girls should not be given phones as it leads to rapes, says Meena Kumari, UP Women’s Commission member. What a despicable comment. When people of such a depraved mindset are appointed to power, no wonder women are so unsafe in @myogiadityanath’s UP!”

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