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Guwahati company mistakenly shown as ‘Quippo’ in media; employees fear ULFA attack

Guwahati: In a bizarre turn of events, a case of mistaken Identity has reportedly caused fear within the ranks of the employees of the Guwahati-based Linkquest Quippo Infra Limited (LQI).

After news reports mistakenly showing the LinkQuest office and its employees as the Quippo Oil & Gas office, the employees, fearing an attack by the ULFA (I), closed down the office shutters and refused to return to the office.

It needs mention here that the Quippo Oil & Gas company has been in the news as two of their employees were abducted by the United Liberation Front of Axom (Independent) and negotiations for their release have been going on.

It needs mention here that Link Quest is a telecom company engaged in digital fiber laying in North East India for Defense Service and has nothing to do with Petrochemical Business.

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The LinkQuest, meanwhile in a statement informed that a separate company, Quippo Infrastructure, is just a shareholder of the LinkQuest, but it is in no way involved with the Quippo Oil & Gas company.

Suranjan Das, AGM of Projects, informed that most of the employees have not reported for duty fearing terrorist attack as their office and their images have been mistakenly shown on Assamese media.

Meanwhile, LinkQuest has informed the Assam Government in this regard, and the terrified employees have refused to return, hampering their ongoing digital fiber laying work.

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