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Guwahati-made hand sanitizer declared ‘unsafe’ by Mizoram government

AIZAWL: In a concerning development, the government of Mizoram has found a ‘hand sanitizer’ product made in Guwahati, Assam, unsafe for use.

Controlling & Licensing Authority, Directorate of Health Services, Government of Mizoram has declared a product called ‘Sparash’, made by Purabi Pharma Lab in Narengi, Guwahati, “unsafe.”

Lalsawma, a government official, said that spurious or sub-standard hand sanitizers have been spreading across the country. “The Mizoram Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been working to find out these bogus hand sanitizers and has indeed found out quite a few of such hand sanitizers,” he confirmed.

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Lalsawma further said that a ‘Sparash’ from Guwahati which was ordered online by some people has recently been spreading in different parts of Mizoram. According to reports, some people had ordered the questionable product online.

An appeal has been made to the Assam State Drug Controller to enquire into the matter, to which initiative was taken immediately by the ASDC.

He also said that the manufacturer has accepted that there are indeed safety issues in the product and has therefore agreed to recall the product within 7 days.

A request has been made to people all over the state who have the Sparash – Batch No. 9336, 9337, and 9338 to give reports to the FDA Officer as it must be returned with the knowledge of the FDA Officer.

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