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Heartbreaking Picture of Elephant Feeding on Plastic Waste Goes Viral

Guwahati, May 29, 2019:

A heartbreaking sight of an elephant feeding on waste is quickly going viral on microblogging platform Twitter. In the picture, which has spread like wildfire on the platform, an elephant can be seen surrounded by a virtual sea of waste where it can be assumed it was rummaging for food.

This heartbreaking picture has sparked outrage among netizens on Twitter who have been quick to point to mankind’s role in the depletion of forests which has caused a loss of habitat for beasts in the wild.

The picture was shared by IFS Officer Praveen Kaswan on Twitter along with the caption: “When cities expand, our dump yards also expand. #Forest land seems easy target for them. This is what our plastic & other waste is doing to wildlife. A marvellous creature on human waste. PC- TN43 FB.”

Many users, who were understandably enraged by this picture, were quick to express their disgust. User Bhupendra Singh wrote: “This is horrifying! Humans need to be stopped!”

Another user, Prasanthi Vangeepuram, Tweeted: “Whales are found dead with tons of plastic swallowed, Cattle dying after eating dumps on roads and garbage this news is unbelievable..entire ecosystem is sad …and it’s time to realise and do our part…”

Yet another user, Natasha, Tweeted: “How difficult is it to carry our own plastic bags? To refuse that plastic straw. To not use that plastic spoon? By the time we wake up, it will be too late. #planetorplastic

You will be alarmed to know that of all the plastic that we do not use, only 9% of it is actually recycled. The rest of it is dumped as waste.

After all the outrage over this picture, all that remains to be seen is whether we will actually do something to curb the irresponsible dumping of plastic? We have talked the talk long enough, and now it is time to walk the walk.

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