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Hindus owe an apology to Muslims, says Ram Gopal Verma

MUMBAI: Ram Gopal Varma is always in the headlines, whether it’s for his films or for his controversial tweets.

With his latest tweet, the filmmaker has raked up controversy once more.

Hindus must apologise to Muslims, says the director’s tweet! He has attempted to explain by elaborating on the factors.

The Kumbh Mela is currently taking place. Thousands of devotees and saints have gathered to participate in the gathering. Coronavirus’s second wave is now wreaking havoc. Coronavirus rules were broken by allowing this Kumbh Mela event.

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We’re not sure if the sky has a limit. There is, still, no end to the nonsense. The Tablighi Jamaat congregation met in New Delhi last year. Lockdown was announced at the same time. Guests from other countries had also arrived to take part in the festivities. Coronavirus contaminated some of those who took part in the congregation. During that time, Muslims were blamed for the increase in cases on social media, said the director.

When the Jamaat programme took place last year, it was like watching a short film about the spread of coronavirus. However, the Kumbh Mela has taken on the character of Baahubali from the film Baahubali. Muslims must be apologised to by all Hindus. “Muslims did so without considering the ramifications. Still, despite knowing the consequences, we went ahead and did Kumbh Mela,” said the director.

โ€œThe Delhi Jammat super spreader of March 2020 is like a short film compared to todayโ€™s BAHUBALIian KUMBH MELA ..All us Hindus owe an apology to Muslims because they did back then when they dint know and we did this one year after we fully know,โ€œ the director tweeted.

The director, who showed photos from both this year’s Kumbh Mela and last year’s Jamaat get-together, quoted Albert Einstein.

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โ€œI am not really sure if space is infinite but I am super sure that stupidity is infinite – Albert Einstein Left side is KUMBH MELA 2021 and Right side is Jammat 2020 and the reason for this dumbness only Gods knows,โ€ tweeted the director.

The director has refered the Maha Kumbh Mela as the “corona atom bomb.” RGV claimed in a series of tweets that a large crowd at the Kumbh Mela could result in a COVID-19 surge.

RGV, in his controversial Kumbh Mela tweets, wrote โ€œWhat you are seeing is not KUMBH MELA but itโ€™s a CORONA ATOM BOMB ..I wonder who will be made accountable for this VIRAL EXPLOSION.โ€

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