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Holi, sung by the people of Assam, played in rest of the country

Guwahati, March 22, 2019:

While Holi is played with colours in the rest of India, it is also sung in the state of Assam.


The festival of colours has a different meaning in this part of the country. Holi is known as ‘Fakowa’ in Assam and is celebrated in the month of Phagun.

Here people follow the satriya customs and traditions set by Mahapurush Madhabdeb. In Assam, Barpeta and Bordowa are the two places that witness a huge influx of tourists from across the state and abroad.

The people along with playing with Aabir (powdered Holi colours) sing ‘Holigeet’, which are believed to be the compositions of Lord Krisha to welcome the spring season. This is why it is said that Holi is sung in Assam.

It is believed that that the Holi brings unity and brotherhood among people and it is also believed that the use of ‘Aabir’ keeps us away from many diseases like smallpox, etc. as Phagun brings dryness and many dust related diseases in the dry season.

Apart from Barpeta and Bordowa, the festival is celebrated in the entire state with traditional fervour. In Guwahati’s Fancybazar, people of all age group despite caste, creed and religion enjoy the festival with unity.

The two-day festival will end today.

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