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How Aroma Bake Equipments became leader in Bakery Equipment Industry

Baking, for some, can be a piece of cake. However, what takes the cake now is giving life to what you bake. And to give life.. you need the magic wand or simply the proper baking equipments. Finding the former is quite a Herculean task. But the perfect baking equipments can be found at Aroma Bake Equipments.

What is Aroma Bake Equipments?

Upping the ante in the baking world, Aroma Bake Equipments is making customized products made as per the bakers’ or clients’ requirements.

The company has a pan-India customer base and more than 5,000 Bakeries & Home Bakers are part of the Aroma Bake family. It has been able to penetrate the market in the North Eastern region as well. Customer base from the region accounts for as much as 30 per cent. The company is planning on launching a showroom in Guwahati.

Its USP is that it molds its designs according to the need of the user.

The backbones

This leading baking equipment manufacturing organization is directed by a group of qualified and skilled Engineers, Technicians, and other trained staff in Planning, Designing, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Administration, and after-sales service.

Aroma Bake’s CEO Ritesh Kumar says, “From manufacturing machines to delivering them to customers, every employee works with the vision of making a difference. Our mission is not just to sell machines to bakers but to make the baking process easy for them.”

With the motto of running a happy chain of bakers, Aroma Bake Equipments, one of India’s leading commercial baking equipment manufacturing organizations, is creating a difference in the food equipment market. It is lending its helping hand to all the bakers out there — amateurs and professionals alike — in bringing out that mouth melting dessert.

What’s on the plate?

The Bakery Machines and Equipment product range includes Rotary Rack Oven, Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Bread Slicer, Proving Chamber, Table Top Slicer, Bread Slicer, Dough Sheeter and many more.

Conveniently, Aroma Bake manufactures the products and sells directly to the customers. Aroma constantly takes feedback from the Customers and upgrades its product accordingly. In case of customization, it is as per the requirement of the customers.

For instance, ovens generally come in 24 Tray, 36, 42, 72, 84, 120, and 160 Tray, but if the Customer requires 18 Tray, they customize it accordingly.

The add-ons

The products have built-in-technology, which consumes less fuel comparatively. This ultimately reduces the expense of bakers.

The focus is more work and less use of fuel. All bakery equipment and machines have comparatively more extended durability.

Among all the 100% guaranteed machine quality products, Aroma Bake’s oven has stood out as its star product. It is built in a way so that it provides the proper baking temperature and maintains adequate coloring for the baked items.

The icing on top

The icing on top is that the equipment manufacturing company’s focus is to maintain lifelong relationships with its clients, which is why it remains in constant touch and upgrades products after receiving the valuable feedback.

Aroma Bake Equipments also has spare parts of the machines that are sold off.

“Since we are the manufacturer, a spare part of the machine is always available. In case the client faces issues with a machine or any part requires maintenance, it can be repaired easily instead of buying a new machine,” said a company representative.

“Our achievements genuinely belong to all the people and employees involved in the process. My future plan for Aroma Bake Equipments is to build the best baking solution for Bakeries and Home Bakers,” added Kumar.

What people have to say!     

Aroma Bake Equipment is surely making a difference in the food equipment industry. They operate, keeping their customer requirements and challenges on priority. They focus not just on selling their product in the market; they educate, guide, and nurture their Clients. And that’s impressive. I’ve used their oven, and it does a fantastic job. I had a great experience overall.”

-Parth Bajaj (Blogger, Chef, Tv host, Food photographer and Recipe Developer. You can Find more:


If you are in the baking industry and require baking equipment for commercial purposes, Aroma Bake is the right choice. Their products are amazing, and it does a perfect job in the baking process. ”

-Mad Over Chicken(It’s is a very youthfull, cheerful, fried chicken, the American restaurant).  You can Find more:


“Excellent Customer Service. Aroma Bake has always been available to all our queries, doubts before purchase and even after that. We purchased 3 items- 7 ltr Stand Mixer, 20 ltr Planetary Mixer, and Single deck 2 Tray Gas Oven. Completely satisfied with all three products. And we know with complete confidence who to reach out to all future products requirements. Aroma Bake Equipments.


You can find more about Aroma Bake on

Now you know where to find the ‘magic’ to tell tales with your bakes. With its skilled products and dedicated service, Aroma Bake Equipments has been successfully making its way into the worm stations of bakers in India.

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