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Hundreds of tourists break COVID rules at Kempty Falls in Mussoorie; video viral

DEHRADUN: In a video that went viral on social media, hundreds of tourists were seen rushing to the famous Kempty Falls in Mussoorie.

In video, it has been seen that the tourists were not wearing masks and were breaking covid rules.
After Himachal Pradesh, the cr

owds at the tourist spots of Mussoorie and Nainital have been rapidly increasing as Uttarakhand relaxes its Covid-19 protocols.

Long lines of private vehicles and fully booked hotels would indicate a significant increase in the number of people in these areas.

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Hundreds of tourists were seen washing away their lockdown blues by heading to the famous Kempty Falls in Mussoorie in a video similar to those seen previously in regions of Himachal Pradesh.

The video quickly went viral on social media with internet users shocked at the flagrant violation of Covid-19 guidelines.

The video gives off indications of an approaching third coronavirus wave, sooner rather than later, with no one thinking about donning a face mask or social isolation.

With the increase in the number of travellers, the availability in hotels has also increased.

Additionally, the state administration faces a hurdle in ensuring that visitors follow Covid-19 regulations because to busy streets caused by an unanticipated surge of tourists.

Only this week, the Ministry of Health expressed worries over the increasing number of people travelling to hill stations. The health ministry has warned that such sloppiness could undo the progress done so far in managing the COVID outbreak.

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