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IPS Officer shares his ‘fat to fab’ story, Netizens stunned with his transformation

Dieting is undoubtedly the most easily broken resolution. The word itself is not very appetizing (literally). This is because compromising your taste buds or not eating what you like, can be a herculean task for many. What if there is a way to lose weight and stay fit without having to stop eating?

Talking to InsideNE, IPS Officer Vivek Raj Singh Kukrele reveals how this miracle can be achieved.

Vivek Raj stopped weighing himself when he hit 88kg in 8th standard. But while joining the National Police Academy, he had to face the weight machine again during the training. After weighing 134 kgs, Vivek underwent rigorous training for 46 weeks and he was down to 104 kgs.

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However, resisting the temptation of food was difficult for the IPS officer. While serving in difficult Naxal areas in Bihar, Vivek was back with the extra pounds weighing 138kgs. The culprit was Vivek’s principle of not wasting food. He used gulp everything that was placed on his plate.

After maintaining a weight of 130kgs for almost a decade, Vivek embraced walking. An app called Step Set Go assisted him in his newly found hobby. Gradually walking became a part of his life and he started losing weight. Along with this habit Vivek started to adopt the habit of mindful eating which is the first mantra to lose weight by not hurting your tummy.

“I never stopped eating. I just eat mindfully now. For e.g if I eat chicken biryani for lunch, I will plan my next meal compensating for the biryani”, said the IPS officer.

Planning your food routine can have a very strong impact on your body. Accrording to Vivek, one needs to know how much intake of the nutrients is required for the body to remain fit and healthy and the diet can be planned accordingly.

During this time Vivek also started experimenting with different dishes to make them suit his taste buds while maintaining the health quotient.

“If I feel like eating pasta, sometimes I would prepare the sauce and replace pasta with soya chunks. So, the sauce gives me the taste I want and soya chunks give me the protein I require. So with a little bit of experimentation I made a healthier version of the dish”, said Vivek

Vivek further revealed that his ‘fat to fab’ journey was a smooth one because he never took it as a burden. Rather, he made it a part of his daily routine. This is the second mantra of achieving the goal of losing weight.

“The Step Set Go app made me walk even when I was about to sleep because I saw that my friend was ahead of me. Also I saw my one of seniors and one of my uncles, both in their 60s, would walk 60k steps daily. I thought if they can do it, why can’t I?”, said Vivek talking about his tryst with walking.

As he embraced walking more, he started to walk 45k-50k steps daily which made him reduce his weight and the miracle happened.

As a message to everyone, Vivek said, “Never sacrifice your terms. Try to adjust everything within your what you require to eat. If you make it a sustainable programme, it can go a long way. If you suppress your desires, you will always feel a tendency to get rid of it. But if you make it a habit, you will enjoy it.”

The story of the IPS Officer is indeed inspiring for everyone. Losing weight need not be frustrating and painful all the time. It can be actually fun and exciting as seen in the case of Vivek.

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