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Is receiving COVID vaccine before or after menstruation harmful? Check here

NEW DELHI: A few days after the Centre announced that all people above the age of 18 years would be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine starting May 1, some women have expressed concern about getting the vaccine during their menstruation.

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Women should not take Covid-19 vaccines five days before and after their menstrual period, according to a claim that has been widely circulated on social media sites.

Women should not take vaccines five days before or after their periods, according to the social media post, since their “immunity is very low” at those times.

In an effort to clear the air around, the government issued a statement on Saturday urging people not to believe rumours and to get vaccinated.

Putting an end to the rumours, the PIB, in a tweet, said, “#Fake post circulating on social media claims that women should not take #COVID19Vaccine 5 days before and after their menstrual cycle. Don’t fall for rumours! All people above 18 should get vaccinated after May 1.”

Doctors and activists have also refuted the allegations, claiming that periods have nothing to do with the vaccinations.

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