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Is UNLF, the biggest armed outfit of Manipur, a divided house?

IMPHAL: In yet another apparent bifurcation of insurgent outfits in the Northeast, the banned United National Liberation Front (UNLF) Manipur has expelled its former chairman Khundongbam Pambei from the organisation on charges of anti-organisation and “counter-revolutionary” activities.

In a statement from the UNLF central committee, it has stated that the “expulsion follows investigation into the charges of undermining the unity and solidarity of the UNLF, colluding with the enemy by leaking sensitive official information and framing other leaders of the UNLF falsely as well as discriminating against cadres and soldiers of the UNLF to further his designs of dividing the party”.

The communiqué said Pambei and his associates have been barred from using the name of UNLF, the most active rebel outfit in Manipur with its base assumed to be in Myanmar, with effect from February 15.

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Sources said mediation attempts to reconcile the two factions by some of the former leaders of the outfit failed to break ice.

The UNLF statement said Pambei was found guilty by a fact finding team that investigated the charges against him for three months. “Khundongbam Pambei chose not to participate and defend himself in the second special general assembly) has only served to confirm his guilt,” the UNLF central committee stated.

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