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Kerala reports first confirmed case of Zika virus infection,13 more suspected

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  Kerala reported the first confirmed case of Zika virus infection in a pregnant woman.

While there has been one confirmed case in the state, 13 other suspected cases have been found.

The infection was discovered in a 24-year-old pregnant lady from Parassala in Thiruvananthapuram, said the state health minister Veena George.

The woman was hospitalised to a hospital on June 28 with mild fever, headache, and red rashes all over her body; the sample confirmed positive for the virus and was forwarded to NIV-Pune.

Thirteen other samples are suspected to be positive, but NIV-Pune has not confirmed this, the health minister said.

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The lady has no travel history.

According to the minister, her home is near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, and her mother experienced the same symptoms a week earlier.

Moreover, the district surveillance team, the district vector control unit, and the state entomology unit have taken preventative measures and the samples of Aedes mosquitos have been collected from the places where the virus has been reported.

The Zika virus does not have an antiviral treatment. 
However, most patients recover within week after being infected. 
Women who are pregnant are more susceptible. 
The virus has three-to-four-day incubation period, and severe illness and death are rare.


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