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Laden unleashes reign of terror in Assam’s Baksa

Tamulpur, May 14, 2019:

People in Assam’s Baksa district are living in constant fear of Laden. Yesterday, in fact the much-feared Laden left a trail of destruction in Manjurgaon located near the Indo-Bhutan border. The attack has left the people in a state of shock and disarray.

Now you might be wondering who this Laden is, right? Perhaps it is the spirit of the deceased terrorist who carried out the 9/11 attacks in the United States? Or perhaps it a Gabbar-like dacoit hiding in the hills and the border pillaging the village from time-to-time?

Well, actually, it is an elephant whom the villages have nicknamed ‘Laden’ after the dreaded Osama. Just like his namesake, the jumbo Laden has unleashed a reign of terror and people of Manjurgaon shake in their boots when they hear the name ‘Laden’ being mentioned.

The jumbo descended on the village out of hunger and laid waste to many houses and struck down many trees in the area. Due to such activities of the dreaded jumbo, the border-area dwelling people are living in constant fear.

A local said that the jumbo has been visiting the village during evening time for the past one month or so. “He breaks the walls, eats the food, causes problems for us. Maybe he comes because he doesn’t find food on the hills. He comes here because we have banana trees in the village.”

The man-elephant conflict continues to be a major issue in some areas of the State as well as the Northeast.

Only recently, an elephant had ventured into Guwahati city of Assam causing much alarm in the region. The unexpected arrival of the jumbo caused hue and cry in the region. The elephant, though, simply strolled nonchalantly through the streets with scant regard for the ruckus that was being caused.

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