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 Manipur: Over 100 children admitted in hospital with breathing issues in Churachandpur

IMPHAL: The Churachandpur district of Manipur has reported a concerning surge in sickness among children with fever and breathing issues.

Reportedly, in the past few days approximately 10 children have been admitted to the district hospital every day.

As many as 100 pediatric patients were admitted so far, reports said. Out of these, 60 patients have been discharged so far.

Two patients, a two-month old and two year old, have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to experts, the sickness is being caused probably due to seasonal shift from summer to winter which usually grips children.

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As per reports, the district hospital equipped with just 33 beds is currently accommodating 40 children. Half of the patients are on oxygen supply.

Due to the lack of sufficient beds, seven pediatric patients requiring oxygen, are being accommodated in the corridor of the hospital.

According to an official source, one case if Influenza-A virus subtype H3N2 has also been reported.

On testing the samples of the 40 children for influenza, 35 samples turned out to be negative while four samples were found to be inconclusive.

The patients mostly range from infants to three years of age.

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