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Meet Alobo Naga, musical heartthrob of the North-East

By: Miriam Rengma

Alobo Naga from the Northeastern state of Nagaland is a prominent name while spelling out about contemporary Northeastern music. From touring nationwide to raising money for noble causes; landing up in Rashtrapati Bhavan to meet the President of India to being appointed as an ambassador for the clean India campaign ‘Swachh Bharat’, Alobo Naga has made his mark as one of the brightest shining stars in the region.

He has won three awards; Best Song for ‘Chasing Ghosts’, best English Song for ‘Wolo’, and best Artiste from Northeast India at the Artist Aloud Music Awards in Mumbai last year(2018).

He is doing his bit through his music to bring about positive change and also with a vision to bring hope to the society through his singing. Besides being an artist, Alobo has also opened his own music school in Dimapur called ‘Music-A’ which was opened to the public in 2016.

Many bands from North East have made their mark on the national music scene, and ‘Alobo Naga and the Band’ is one of the shining stars in the region, inspiring audiences in India and abroad.

Winner of the 2012 Best Indian Act at the MTV European Music Awards, their song ‘Painted Dreams’ went to no.4 on the International Top 10 charts on Vh1 and was one of Vh1s top 50 videos of 2011.

Budding journalist Miriam Rengma caught up for a candid chat with this soulful artist chasing dreams and living their passion.

Miriam: What initially sparked your interest in the field of music?

Alobo Naga: As far as I know, I have loved music from my early days and I started singing since the age of five.

Miriam: How has your upbringing influenced your work or working style?

Alobo Naga: I am blessed to have witnessed the 70’s & 80’s music from my parents and elders. I grew up singing 90’s music and honestly, I am still experimenting and enjoying the change in music evolution. Every era has so far helped me and influenced my working style.

Miriam: What do you hope people take away from your music?

Alobo Naga: comfort, companionship, joy, love, happiness, healing and hope.

Miriam: How is it like to be in the music scene representing Northeast? How is the response so far?

Alobo Naga: I am blessed to be where I am today. It’s a proud feeling to be representing our NE, but at the same time, a big responsibility on my shoulder.

Miriam: Talking about the recent incident you and your band encountered in Itanagar. What has been the outcome? Did the Government answer your appeal towards compensation for your loss?

Alobo Naga: We had an ugly and humbling experience, however, we are all safe and thankful to God for that. We have lost everything, but we are moving on.

No, unfortunately, we have not received any compensations for our loss.

Miriam: What is your message for young and aspiring musicians?

Alobo Naga: There are no short cuts in life, no one is there to help you so you have got to work your way up. Study the market and make use of technologies and the internet to the maximum. Nothing is possible without God, so I put him first.

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