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Meet Joel Naga, anti-corruption crusader & founder of Nagaland’s newest political party

‘Rising People’s Party’ is set to become the latest entrant in the political hemisphere in Nagaland, as it a proposal has already been sent to New Delhi for its approval. The party has already submitted its election application to the Election Commission of India for its registration as a political party under Section 29A of the Representation of People Act, 1951. Joel Naga, the President of the new party, spoke to Inside Northeast about this latest political entrant’s agenda, which seems to be to curb corruption.

“Although the formation is still under process and we are yet to get registration, I believe the formalities shall be complete by March-April,” Joel Naga told us.

Naga, who is also a founding member of ACAUT (Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation), an NGO dedicated to fighting corruption at the highest levels, says that the main purpose of his party is to “root out acute corruption in Nagaland.”

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“Basically, we have to enter the system and change the system, that is the basic goal. Shouting from outside, nothing was changing. So the best way to change it is by joining active politics. That is our singular vision,” Naga revealed to us.

The ‘Rising People’s Party’ asserts that giving opportunities to the “largely neglected” youths is one of the “prime agendas” of this newly-floated party.

“I believe that we should give a platform and leadership to the young people, who constitute 60% of the population. Their voices are not being heard. That is a major issue. There are so many positive changes that can be brought in if we give them a platform to express their woes and grievances,” he said.

Joel Naga says that his party is planning to contest in the upcoming elections in Nagaland. “That would be the end goal, yes. In Nagaland, corruption is most acute. There is rampant misgovernance. No woman MLAs have been elected to date. We dream of a future when these things will change for the better,” he stated.

Story compiled by: Rana Pratap Saikia

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