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Mirabai Chanu to get some new snatch techniques: Coach Vijay Sharma

IMPHAL: Olympic medalist Mirabai Chanu’s coach Vijay Sharma has decided to make a change in Chanu’s snatch technique.

In Tokyo,  Chanu lifted 115 while her opponent Hou Zhihui had lifted 116.

Whereas the former was let down in the snatch where she lifted 87 kg and Hou had a lift of 94 kg, a big difference of 7 kg.
So,to solve the gap, Mirabai’s Coach has taken the decision.
Reportedly, coach Sharma told, “She (Hou) has an extraordinary snatch. If we have to beat her, we have to make some changes in Mira’s technique.”
As per the reports, the coach has already started training the player.
Further he added, “Her clean and jerk is strong. Snatch is a technique event. We have the strength, but Chinese girl’s technique is better in snatch. That’s why she could lift more in Tokyo. We have to focus on the techniques now.”
Reports say, Mirabai Chanu now has a best of 88kg in snatch which is an improvement of 13 kg and 119 kg in clean and jerk.
The coach said, “She had improved in snatch. But the problem is that her competitor’s snatch is very good. I hope we can take it to 92 kg if everything goes according to plan.”
However, he added, “At this stage, it’s difficult for an Olympic medalist to change the technique. But if we don’t do it, we will stay at the position where we are now. We are doing this because we feel there’s no risk involved. This is an experiment, but if we don’t try, we won’t improve. We have to do this to stay on top.”
Reportedly, the coach said Mirabai will start with light workload for a few days before turning her focus to the change in technique.

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