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Mizoram Govt’s committee on border urges to “protect land occupied by forefathers”

AIZAWL: The resolutions of the Mizoram Boundary Committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Tawnluia have made it abundantly clear that the state will not budge an inch on the border issue.

Since the demarcation of the state’s boundary or border on its northern side is to be found only in the Inner Line of 1875, the Committee said that it will continue its stance that the Mizoram-Assam Boundary be desirably resolved on the basis of this document alone.

Approving of the actions taken by the government on the Mizoram-Assam border issue, it urged the Mizo National Front government to “continue taking steps courageously.”

“As the border issue is intertwined with ethnic issues, it is our appeal to the people that they remain united on this matter, and show fortitude in the face of any inconveniences arising out of the situation,” it resolved.

At the same time, it appealed the Mizo people not to create any hardships for non-Mizo residents in the state because of the current border issue.

The Boundary Committee said that it intends to protect the land “as it was occupied by our forefathers to its utmost ability, and asks the people of Mizoram for their solidarity and support. ”

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The Committee, opining that border issues cannot be resolved through the means of force and thus, said the matter should be settled through “mutual dialogues and deliberations.”

Strongly condemning the incursion of the Assam Police into the Mizoram Police Post at Vairengte on July 26, it said it was “heavily outnumbering them and opening fire first.”

It further added that the memorandum for setting up of Boundary Commission for Settlement, Delimitation, and Demarcation of Boundary between Mizoram and Assam (2018), which was jointly signed by All Political Parties’ Presidents, All NGO Presidents, and JAC, will be revised and amended as required. A sub-committee or working group will be formed to pursue the matter.

The Assam Mizoram Border Issue:

At the centre of the conflict is the 164.6-km inter-State border that separates Assam and Mizoram, with the three Assam districts of Cachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj sharing a border with Kolasib, Mamit and Aizawl districts of Mizoram. Mizoram backs the 1875 demarcation of the British, saying it took place in consultation with then Mizo tribal chefs.

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