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Mizoram Govt Allegedly Rounding Up Non-Mizos Over ILP Issue

Hailakandi, August 4, 2019:

Locals living in Assam’s Hailakandi district bordering Mizoram are now alleging harassment in the name of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) by the Mizoram Government and decried an unreasonable demand of the Zoramthanga-led MNF Government which came to power in 2018.

Local traders and businessmen have alleged that the Government is now asking for six months’ ILP, which is inconvenient for the traders who only have a few days of business to conduct on the other side of the border. Many of these people living in Assam’s Barak Valley are dependent on Mizoram as they cross the border for business and employment. However, the MNF-led Mizoram Government has tightened the screws on these small-time tradesmen and laborers who cross the border seeking better employment opportunities.

Moreover, many have been arrested for not possessing the proper documents. Sources have revealed that 1,198 persons have been apprehended in total in various districts of the State. Of those, 858 have been arrested in Aizawl district itself.

Speaking to Inside Northeast, a border-area resident Chiddek Ahmed Majumder, said: “Since August 1, Assamese people are facing difficulties in Mizoram. Now, they are arresting people for not having six months’ ILP. It is highly expensive as you have to pay Rupees 8,000 at once which is not feasible if you intend to stay for a short duration. Non-Mizos are being harrassed, and MZP and Young Mizo Association are harassing the non-Mizos in the State. Some villagers from my village have been arrested in Mizoram…”

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