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‘MODIRAJ pichkari’ available in markets violates Model Code of Conduct?

Guwahati, March 20, 2019:

As India gears up to celebrate Holi, shops across the country have started selling unofficial Narendra Modi “holi merchandise” which begs the question: Does ‘MODIRAJ Pichkari’ as well as packets of Holi colours carrying the pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Modi caps in the markets ahead of the festival Holi, violate the model code of conduct?

After #ChowkidarModi started on Twitter, gimmicky ‘MODIRAJ Pichkaris’ have started popping up everywhere in the markets ahead of the Holi celebrations. This time, the festival of colours Holi has allegedly been used as a marketing platform for the campaigning of ensuing Lok Sabha election, 2019.

InsideNE has discovered that a majority of the shops in Guwahati city are full of items carrying the pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even the “Pichkari” (a syringe-like tool for spraying liquid colours) are being sold under the name of “Modiraj Lijha Pichkari”.

Locals have alleged that BJP party is using all possible means to campaign for the general election.

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