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MP couple hires 9 dogs and 3 guards to protect ‘World’s most expensive’ mangoes

BHOPAL: A couple in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur has deployed nine dogs and three guards to preserve and protect one of the world’s “most expensive” mango varieties.

According to reports, only four out of the 150 trees are currently bearing fruit. They started with 50 trees and then added another 100.

When orchardist couple Rani and Sankalp Parihar planted two mango seedlings in their garden a few years ago, they expected them to bear the variety similar to the other ones in the orchard.

The saplings grew and produced remarkable ruby-colored mangoes. The mangoes turned out to be Japanese Miyazaki, the pair was surprised with amazement.

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According to the sources, Miyazaki mangoes are reported to be one of the world’s most expensive breeds of mango.

Miyazaki mangoes also known as an egg of the sun, sold at Rs. 2.70 lakh per kg in the international market last year, according to the Japanese media report.

According to the couple, thieves sneaked into their gardens last year and stole the mangoes after it locally got known that they were producing the rare fruit. The pair on the other hand was able to protect two trees.

As a result, the couple enlisted the help of three guards and nine dogs to save the rare trees and seven mangoes.

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