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Naga Hoho says formation of Karbi Council must not hamper Indo-Naga peace talks

GUWAHATI: The Naga Hoho has urged the Assam government to proceed with caution amid purported news of the signing of an agreement between the Assam Government/GOI and the various rebel groups of Karbi Anglong for the proposed formation of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Territorial Council (KAATC).

Issuing a statement, the Hoho also said that the ongoing political talk between the Centre and the Naga stakeholders should be respected with “serious consideration.” “The agreement, if any, reached between GOI and the state of Assam in regards to KAATC, should not in any way create misunderstanding or hamper the more than 20 years of Indo-Naga political talk,” it added.

The Naga Hoho has said that the past mistake of ignoring land boundary issues among various communities in Karbi Anglong should not be repeated so as to “avoid misunderstanding and dispute in the future.”

The Naga Hoho in its statement claimed that people living in the Naga Rengma Hills were kept in the dark when the State of Assam was created by the Centre.

“Inclusion of land and its inhabitants in the formation of state without their consent is outright injustice done and hence we remonstrate that the GOI and the state of Assam to take into account all stakeholders before signing any agreement in the near future,” it added.

“Nagaland and Assam is and will continue to be a neighboring state. As such we need to have cordial atmosphere and friendly relationship with each other. We expect permanent peace will be ushered in with the conclusion of talk between the GOI and the Naga people,” the statement further added.

While acknowledging the move for conflict transformation and building peace between various political groups and the governments, the Naga Hoho said that it should not come at the cost of ignoring the historical and political rights of the Nagas and therefore Naga areas should not be included under the purview of the proposed creation of KAATC.

The Naga Hoho further urged the government not to take any hasty decision which may bring more harm than benefit to the people in the region.

With signing of the proposed Karbi Accord expected soon, the Rengma Naga People’s Council (RNPC) has demanded for “creation of Rengma Hills Autonomous District bifurcating from Karbi Anglong” district. 

The RNPC has submitted a memorandum to Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma putting forth its demand of the creation of an Autonomous District for the “Rengmas and non-Karbis.”

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