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Naga Hoho slams Governor R N Ravi for his ‘dictatorship’ in Nagaland

KOHIMA: The Naga Hoho has expressed concern about the “intimidation” against stated government employees in Nagaland through “threat tactics” and condemned the dictatorial attitude of the State Governor RN Ravi, who also happens to be the interlocutor of peace talks.

Taking offense to some of the recent orders by the Governor (such requiring state government employees to provide the list of their relatives who may be connected to NPGs; action against state government employees for “sedition” against India for asserting the right of the Naga people to political self-determination, etc), the Naga Hoho claimed that the Governor is trying to “break the people into tribes, groups and is now beginning to target and criminalize individuals.”

Terming the move as “fascist”, the Naga Hoho said that such directives from the Governor to the state government are nothing but “another form to dehumanise the Naga people’s hopes and aspiration.”

Condemning the attempt to prosecute Dr. Inato Jimomi, the Hoho asserted that Dr. Jimomi or any Naga have the “right and the freedom” to express love for their land.

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“In doing so it is not to advocate against India but a natural expression of any Naga who have experienced suffering borne out of conflict and militarization and continue to bear the brunt of it”, the Hoho further added in its statement.

The Hoho condemned the “dictatorial attitude” of the state governor and said that a person cannot be deprived of one’s liberty to freedom of expression and natural rights.

The Hoho further stated that the peace negotiation of two decades ongoing between the Government of India and the Naga Political Groups is too precious to be derailed by the lack of sight of a single person.

“When one doctor is targeted may all the doctors, the teachers, professors, bankers and the Nagas rise!”, the Naga Hoho said, adding that Nagas should stand united against “persecution.”

Similarly, the Global Naga Forum also expressed concern over the Governor’s orders. A delegation of the GNF yesterday met chief minister Neiphiu Rio to apprise him of their concerns.

The GNF claimed that the Indo-Naga relationship has reached a ‘dangerously volatile point’ owing to the Governor’s manner of running the office as Governor.

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