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Naga poetess Kebana Thou releases her first book called ‘Pinks and Greys’

DIMAPUR: Kebana Thou from Nagaland who has a strong presence on social media where she shares her poems has released her first book of poetry called ‘Pinks & Greys’ published by Dimapur Publishing Company.

According to Thou, her book is a “collection of 111 poems portraying the life of a regular woman, who, like any other, faces the bright and dark sides of the world. Pinks reveal her lighter side brimmed with humour and satire. Greys portray her more serious facet effusing the accumulated experiences of her life. There is also a tinge of rebellion at the monotony of conventional and societal bonds.”

Her book was officially launched on 17 April by Rev Dr Mongzeung Mpom, Pastor of the Jalukie Town Local Baptist Church.

The Pastor in his speech talked about how the book can be a reflection of many women in the modern world today. He also added that the book is profound but written in a way that everyone can grasp the thoughts of the author meaningfully.

Although Thou has all of 585 followers on Instagram, she is notable for sharing quality content that has earned her the appreciation of her followers.

From time to time, Thou shares her easy-to-grasp poetry on her social media on topics that can range from Christmas, dewdrops, memories, and even the Marie biscuit!

The book, which costs Rupees 300, is available at all leading book stores in Dimapur and Kohima. It is also available online on

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