KOHIMA: A consignment of Nagaland’s famous king chilli (also known as Raja Mircha) has been exported to London from the state via Guwahati in Assam.Reportedly, the consignment was sourced from Tening in Peren district and the packaging was carried out by APEDA in Guwahati on Wednesday.

This variety of chilli is considered to be one of the hottest chilies of the word measuring high in Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). Often referred to as Bhoot Jolokia, it has also got the Geographical Indication certification in 2008.

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The APEDA collaborated with the Nagaland State Agricultural Marketing Board (NSAMB), for the export consignment of fresh king chilli. Reportedly, samples of the chillies were sent for testing n laboratory in the months of June and July which showed encouraging results owing to its organic features. APEDA has assisted the NSAMP in sending the samples.

About King Chilli

The King chilli is a hybrid of Capsicum chinense and Capsicum frutescens and is closely related to the Naga Morich, another variety of chilli found in Nagaland. 

In 2007, Guinness World Records certified this pepper was the world’s hottest chili pepper, 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

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