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Namsai Communities sign Peaceful Pact

Namsai: A peaceful pact declaration was signed by two major communities of Namsai district in Arunachal after two years of violent clashes over land disputes.
Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum ( AITF ), along with the related community-based organisations ( CBOs ) and student unions of Namsai District of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh today signed the Namsai Declaration.
In the aftermath of unfortunate events of 12th and 25th October 2019, brought about by illegal encroachment of public land in Madhubani, Khai Nallah under Tengapani Reserve Forest Area, tensions ran high between communities of Namsai, resulting in various complaints and counter complaints in the form of numerous FIRs.
As such, in a bid to foster and preserve communal peace and harmony, the Tai Khamti Development Society ( TKDS ), the Adi Ba:ne Ke:bang ( ABK ), the All Tai Khamti Singpho Students Union ( ATKSSU ) and the Adi Students’ Union ( AdiSU ), under the aegis of the AITF, today jointly signed the Namsai Declaration. The declaration, in short, includes withdrawal of all FIRs lodged and any other related suo moto cases to be decided on mutual understanding of the CBOs. It also pledges that encroachment in the aforementioned area won’t happen again and future disharmony will be prevented. All in all, after signing this Namsai Declaration, all the disputes, differences and misunderstandings between both the communities have been amicably resolved and mutually settled.
Bengia Tulom President of Arunachal Indigenous tribes forum leading community body of 26 tribes of Arunachal thanked both the community members of Tai Khampti & Adi community of the state for making peace by showing big heart and agreed for a solution and communal harmony between both forgetting violence of October 2019.
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