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Netflix to Stream ‘III Smoking Barrels’ Internationally from June 1

Guwahati, May 29, 2019:

Streaming service Netflix is about to launch the much-vaunted movie ‘III Smoking Barrels’ which focuses on socio-political issues plaguing the Northeastern region of India. The trailer has already been launched on Netflix and the film will debut on June 1, 2019.

Speaking exclusively to Inside Northeast, director Sanjib Dey expressed his elation at tying up with the streaming service, while also expressing his confidence that Neltflix is headed to India in a big way. He also expressed awe at the warm adulation the film received in metropolitan centres like Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc.

Speaking about his movie and the relevance of the quirky title, Dey says ‘III Smoking Barrels’ points to the three gun-toting protagonists who share traits with the weapons they possess.

Dey also informs that the film mentions several discussion-worthy issues plaguing the Northeast such as illegal immigration, drug influx through Myanmar and its impact on the Northeastern region, as subjects which have found their way into the film.

The Director, who is all praises for streaming service Netflix, says: “Netflix is slowly taking over and currently they are the number one. They have overtaken the Walt Disney company, in fact. Even in India, Netflix has found great acceptability. If you board a local train in Mumbai in the evening time, you will see people enjoying the shows on Netflix on their cellular devices. It is here in a big way because they already have a built-in audience for their shows..”

Dey has also confirmed that  Netflix will distribute the movie in more than 150 nations around the world in an exclusive deal lasting three years.

‘III Smoking Barrels’ was originally released on 20 August, 2018 and has been screened in many prestigious film festivals across the world. The film won the ‘Silver Palm Award (Best Narrative Feature)’ at the Mexico International Film Festival 2018.

You can log onto Netflix on June 1 to watch the movie in case you missed it in theatres during its run. “Netflix and chill” with this gem churned out from the bowels of India’s Northeast.

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