New trend of Online Classes and risk of hacking during pandemic


The ongoing pandemic has come as a major blow to all the sectors be it the economic, the society institution or the education. Everything has gone to a depth that people have not realized.

One of the worst affected sector is the education system. There is no traditional mode of teaching to the students, no teacher has face to face connection now with the students except the virtual mode, as all the institutions and education sector are closed.

According to the World Economic Forum Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom.

This means that these students have lost the education which they received in the school and under the guidance of teacher. However thanks to the communication technology and the ICT where mode of teaching still exists but in a different way and mode which we called the online version. Many writers and scholars have given their view in teaching, of course everything has got its good and bad way to look. In my view I don’t define online teaching to be bad, as we have no other option. And if students gap in their education and subjects then we can understand what the future of the education will be.

There is a famous saying that “education begins from house”, How far do you think this suits?. However according to me, parents should also encourage their children to attend the classes whether it may be sitting on the common room, in the garden or any place. I have seen many of my students don’t take the classes seriously and also it’s easy to make excuse and skip the classes. Since online classes have become new mode of teaching and we can’t predict even when the traditional mode of teaching will be back.

Therefore it is also very important to make the parents educate and let them know the necessity of class and motivate their child to be present in the class. An interaction with the parents should also be emphasized where teachers and others educationist should also interact with them, make them free and also encourage them to motivate their children.

Since all the work is mostly done in online mode now, our systems have become more vulnerable to hacking.

As a teacher, now we have to engage ourselves in online mode and therefore the risk to be a victim is very high. Many private owners have built their online platform but charging a huge amount.

Government should take active interest and give free access to teachers and students where they can have classes without any risk from the hackers. Major concern regarding this was also published by the OUTLOOK magazine in its recent edition. As the online virtual classes are emerging, these problems have also gained special attention for teachers.

The Government with certified cyber law experts and ethical hackers should conduct online webinar for the teacher, where they could at least give basic knowledge to the teacher on how they can be saved from using some risky website, i.p address etc which can be easily hacked.

It is difficult to say that for how long this online teaching mode will continue. But it is for sure, that all the teachers and students have adjusted to interact virtually, and it is hard to tell how the teaching scenario will look like once the situation normalizes.

(The views expressed in the article are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the InsideNE)


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