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Tripura introduces high-tech gadgets to prevent rising man-elephant conflict

The forest department of Tripura in an apparent bid to curb the gradually widening up graph of man-elephant conflicts introduced a number of high-tech gadgets.

Since, the state has very frequently reported a number of incidents where wild elephants damage crops of farmers or eventualities related to that, the forest department laid emphasis on the regular awareness campaigns in the locations near to state’s only elephant corridor—parts of Maharani including Teliamura and some parts of Baramura hills located at Gomati and Dhalai district.

Speaking on this, Chief Wild Life Warden of Tripura DK Sharma said, “The incident at Kerala where a pregnant elephant made to eat a cracker stuffed pineapple leading to his death might incite people of Tripura to use similar techniques to ward off the elephant problems. Thus, the department is wholeheartedly trying to make people aware of the technique to battle such problems”.

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As per our latest development, “Bee humming devices” have been installed in the fields to drive out approaching elephant herds from habitats. It is one of the tested techniques as elephants fear the bees and so it keeps them away from the human settlement. He also said that people of those areas were being suggested and trained to do beekeeping in an endeavor to generate livelihood options and at the same time, kept the elephants away from their crops.

Moreover, he informed this reporter that the “radio-collaring” technique was being also used to have a detailed map of the elephant herds.

 “Radio collaring of few individuals can provide strategic information about the route taken by elephant herds besides giving its location.  This can lead to judicious deployment of personnel in the field”, he said.

According to him, the forest department had also created adequate fodder resources in the forests so that wild jumbos could be able to quench their thirst and hunger within the forest land. Bamboo, banana plantation along with check dams were being put on place in the forests to meet their nourishment.

He said, “We also want to avail the elephants an unhindered corridor for free movement. National High authorities have been advised from our end to design elevated roads at certain patches so that the elephants can move freely so that chances of conflict decrease”.

Meanwhile, the department was also bringing awareness regarding wise use of crackers, chili powder bombs and other techniques to keep the elephants away from human settlement.

“Electrified and non-electrified fences like elephant proof tranches, bamboo fences, spiked walls and hybrid fences are being considered depending on the requirements and locations. Since, elephants use cover of darkness to access the crops, early detection and warning is important”, he added.

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