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North Korea is facing a serious food crisis; Bananas selling for Rs 3,300 per kg

PYONGYANG: North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un stated the food situation is “tensed” during a meeting of the country’s ruling party’s central committee, according to the sources.

The people’s food situation is worsening as a result of the agriculture sector’s failed to comply its grain production plan owing to typhoon damage last year,” Kim explained.

According to the sources, prices of basic food products have risen dramatically in Pyongyang with a kilogramme of bananas costing $45 (about Rs 3,335), a packet of black tea for $70 (around Rs 5,190) and a packet of coffee for $100. (Rs 7,414).

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Kim asked the party workers to work on solving the food scarcity during the meeting. However, because to COVID-19 restrictions North Korea’s borders remain closed, making it uncertain how quickly the country can address the problem.

North Korea is short 8,60,000 tonnes of food, according to a recent report by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

North Korea has undertaken rigorous anti-virus measures including border closures and domestic travel restrictions despite not officially confirming any COVID-19 cases. Many commodities that the country cannot produce such as food and fuel are imported from China.

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