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NSCN (KYA) attempts to harm civilians in Nagaland

MON: The militants of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-KYA) have attempted to harm civilians in villages in Nagaland.

With this recent incident, the true face of NSCN (KYA) has emerged as they have been indulging in nefarious activities against the local people of Nagaland.

On August 10, the Chairman of Chenloiso approached Assam Rifle at COB Chenloiso for help in clearing landslides from the track of the Chenloiso-Hydro project.

Assam Rifles company commander immediately gave confirmation for their whole-hearted support to the village chairman.

Subsequently, on Aug 11, a suitable team of security personnel carried out the assessment of the landslide areas along with the village Chairman and Gaon Burha (Village head).

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In the meanwhile, the Assam Rifles arranged a Joseph Cyril Bamford (JCB) to expedite the clearance work.

On Aug 12, the team along with necessary tools and JCB swung into action and commenced the clearance of the landslide with the help of local villagers from Kangynu, Wangto, and Chenloiso.

In the evening, when the villagers and the Assam rifles personnel were returning back together to their locations, three hand grenades were thrown at them from a height above the dense foliage.

Unfortunately, the grenades landed in front of civilians, two of which did not explode, but one of which exploded, injuring 75-year-old local named Keipa, a resident of Kangynu village shrapnel.

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The security forces immediately swung into action and fired a couple of rounds towards the assessed location from where the grenades were lobbed.

The injured local was immediately rushed by security forces to the Assam Rifles company base, where he was given first aid and stabilised before being transferred to Mon for treatment.

This cowardly action against locals and security forces while assisting locals demonstrates that the NSCN (KYA) is desperate, as the villagers have refused any financial or ration support to these cadres.

The security forces rose to the occasion and prevented any further casualty to the civilians besides rescuing them and providing all the necessary medical aid.

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