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Of sports, dreams and beyond: Olympic medalist Lovlina Borgohain delves deeper


GUWAHATI: Olympic Bronze medalist Lovlina Borgohain’s homecoming has become no less than a festival in Assam with citizens cheering for her from all corners.
The state screamed with her when she knocked out her opponent and reached semi- finals. It also admired her with numb eyes when she broke down seeing the rousing and traditional welcome at the Guwahati airport on Wednesday.
After reaching her homeland, Lovlina shared her views and also made some crucial suggestions for the elevation of the sports in the state as well as the country.

Here are some excerpts from her interaction with media on Friday in Guwahati:

On introducing Sports as a compulsory subject

It is a matter of concern that why India doesn’t bring too many Olympic medals. One possible reason could be that our education system lacks proper information on sports. The youth keep playing but they do not have proper professional guidance. Hence, I feel there should be a compulsory subject on sports which interested students can pursue and excel in future in this field. Introducing it as a subject will help the students in understanding the sports science.

On overcoming the hiccups

The youth of our nation can do more hard work compared to other countries. However, sometimes the Indian parents appear to be doubtful about career in sports. This results in a fear that is being instilled in the children. So, this can be stopped once ‘Sports’ gets recognition as a compulsory subject in our education system. If this can be done, I feel if not today, at least within a span of 10 years, Indians will be able to secure more medals beating other countries.

On giving birth to a dream


If a dream is born at a young age, the dreamer becomes unstoppable once they as they grow in life. The determination to achieve the goal comes from within. So, we should try to instill that dream in the young minds.

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On Women empowerment


The fact that women are bringing laurels in the Olympics, is extremely inspiring. Earlier, people used to suppress the voice of women. Even now, it is happening in some parts. People think that ‘what possibly a woman can do’. This notion has compelled the women folk into believing that they cannot do anything. I strongly believe that this should be stopped and women should not be made to feel inferior. We are women and we can do anything. Just like men.

On the scream of triumph


I screamed really loud when I made it into the semi- finals. Earlier I used to take a lot of stress. For the last eight championships in the last 8 years, I used to play with a load of stress on myself. My scream at the Tokyo olympics was an outlet of all the stress that I had been suppressing inside me over the years.

On balancing job offered by Assam govt and sports career


I never played for a job. But my parents were worried about my future. They would think that what I would do after 10-15 years. However, my goal was clear that I wanted to secure a medal at the Olympics. Just like the police officials serve the nation by doing their duties, I will serve the nation by bringing laurels for my country.

On having a rendezvous with the children

I want to meet and have a talk with children of the state. Earlier, whenever I used to see the athletes wearing medals, I had this desire to touch the medal once. I feel once they touch it, they would get the feel of it.

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