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Over 800 WhiteHat Jr employees resigned after requesting to work from Home: Report

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According to an exclusive report by Inc42, over 800 WhiteHat Jr employees have resigned in the last two months after being requested to work from home.

WhiteHat Jr, a coding platform that was recently acquired by BYJU’S, has requested its staff to return to work within a month. On March 18, a company-wide email revealed the policy to terminate work from home, asking remote staff to come to the office by April 18.

Around 800 staff resigned from the start-up, afraid to return to work, according to Inc42. Full-time employees from the sales, coding, and math teams all resigned. In the next months, more staff are likely to submit their resignations.

One of the resigned employees told Inc42 that a month was insufficient for relocation. “Some have children, while others have other duties. Some have elderly and ailing parents.” Employees should not be called back in such a short length of time,” the former WhiteHat Jr employee stated.

The employee also attributed the return-to-work policy to cost-cutting initiatives. “The business was definitely losing money.” “This was a cost-cutting effort to minimise expenses without jeopardising their brand,” they explained.


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