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Petrol, diesel prices continued to rise across India for the 4th consecutive day

NEW DELHI: Petrol and diesel prices rose for the fourth day in row across the country today.

In the national capital, Delhi fuel and diesel prices were raised by Rs 0.35 per litre for the fourth day in row.

Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi were raised by Rs 0.35 per litre, to Rs 105.84 and Rs 94.57 per litre, respectively. 

Petrol prices in Mumbai climbed by Rs 0.34 to Rs 111.77 per litre, while diesel prices increased by Rs 0.37 to Rs 102.52 per litre.

Petrol prices in Kolkata climbed by Rs 0.33 to Rs 106.43 per litre, while diesel prices jumped by Rs 0.35 to Rs 97.68 per litre.

In Chennai, the cost of petrol has raised by Rs 0.31 to Rs 103.01, while the cost of diesel has increased by Rs 0.33 to Rs 98.92.

Over a week ago, oil firms began boosting motor fuel prices. On the 12th and 13th of October, prices came to a halt after a seven-day surge. After a two-day hiatus, prices were raised for the fourth time in a row today.

Meanwhile, Hardeep Singh Puri, the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, said on Saturday that fuel usage has increased as compared to pre-COVID-19 time and that the government is attempting to maintain price stability.

“Today, consumption of petrol and diesel is higher by 10-15% and 6-10% respectively compared to pre-COVID periods,” the Minister stated, referring to the continual price hike of petrol and diesel.

“I’m not going to get into the price debate. We will continue to strive for price stability,” he added.

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