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Pig is an incarnation of God, is it okay to eat it?: Congress MP on Cattle Preservation Bill

GUWAHATI: Reacting to Assam government’s Cattle Preservation Bill, Congress MP Abdul Khaleque on Wednesday questioned about consumption of pork in the state.

Speaking during a press conference, the MP said that that that Varaha (Pig) and Matsya (Fish) are incarnations of Lord Vishnu according to Hinduism. He questioned Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma that is it okay to kill and consume an animal that is the incarnation of God in Hinduism.

The MP further said that it wasn’t that urgent to table the Bill at a time like this.

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Stating the Article 47, Khaleque said that if the Chief Minister had proposed a bill to check alcohol consumption in the state, he would have welcomed it.

However, Assam is going to start home delivery of alcohol instead.

Talking about banning beef sale within 5 km radius of temples, Khaleque said, “Even Pork is haram according to Islam. So, the sale of Pork should be prohibited within 200-500 meters of mosques. I will be all praises if the Chief Minister can take such a decision.”

There is a misconception in the society regarding consumption of beef in the Muslim community. “It’s not like that we can’t survive without consuming beef”, he said.

“The bill suggests that cows below 14 cannot be slaughtered. This means we have to maintain a birth register of cows. However, no instruction have been given to the veterinary department regarding maintenance of birthu register”, he further added.

Khaleque also claimed that this bill will create opportunities for corruption in the veterinary department.

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