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Pradyot Manikya: I am always ready to give up my post, don’t require political position to help my people

AGARTALA: TIPRA Chief Pradyot Manikya on Friday made very crucial statement that he is willing to step down as the Chief of the party if required for the sake of unity and for the welfare of people.

His statement has triggered several reactions as well raised questions among the public as well as in the political arena.

Talking to InsideNE, the royal scion stated he doesn’t require to hold a political position to help and work for the welfare of the people.

“People in Tripura support, not just because I am the chief of a political party but because of my work. I don’t need a political position to help my people. I have something that far more important. i am in the hearts of the people”, he said.

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Speaking further, Manikya stated that he has asked Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT), Tripura People’s Front (TPF) to become one because their demands are almost the same.

We are bigger bigger party. At this moment when we go to Delhi and demand for a constitutional solution for a the people, egos shouldn’t come in the way

“I have made it clear that I don’t want to become a CM, MP or MLA. I just want to give a constitutional settlement for the indigenous people.

Citing the example of  former Mizoram Chief Minister, Manikya said, ” He was the chief minister but or the sake of his people stepped down from his post. Former Assam Chief Minister Hiteswar Saikia did the same. I am not even a Chief Minister. I am just the chief of a political party. So, why can’t I do it?”

Manikya on Friday shared a live video where he stressed that it is high time that all the political parties in the state to unite for the welfare of Greater Tipraland.

“I have wanted unity amongst the Tiprasa. I appeal to all parties that we should unite for our cause of Greater Tipraland.Names of parties,positions dont matter as much as the future of our ppl.If required I am willing to step down as Chairman of Tipra Motha for the sake of unity”, he had said.

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