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Pramod Boro comments on NLFB’s emergence. Here’s what he said

BAKSA: Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) chief Pramod Boro turned down heavily on the newly-floated National Liberation Front of Bodoland (NLFB) for warning people against voting for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“The BJP party has been attacked. There is no logic behind launching an insurgent outfit to oppose a political party. After the emergence of another armed insurgent outfit, blood holi will commence again — already we have lost 30 precious years to the armed movement,” said Boro, whose United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) has forged an alliance with the ruling BJP party ahead of the ensuing polls in the state.

“I have come across the publicity of the NLFB. Whoever has done this, has done wrong. Today, nobody here wants violence and an armed rebellion,” Boro further stated, adding that anyone who wishes to express dissent must do so through “democratic means.”

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The outfit yesterday released a video in which its leader urged the people to send the BJP, which it termed as a “big threat”, packing from the state.

“Today the unwilling motive of Indian government and the Assam government to solve the issue has compelled us to take a new decision to struggle and fight for our rights. So today (12/10/2020) we have formed a new arms revolutionary group with nomenclature and style “National Liberation Front of Boroland” (NLFB),” the outfit said in a statement emailed to media, adding that it would re-launch a movement for a separate state Bodoland.

The new Bodo militant outfit has been formed reportedly under the leadership of Batha, who once again returned to the jungles after the Council elections.

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