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Protest over APSC Language Paper a Political Conspiracy: Assam CM

Guwahati: Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma after the protests relating to the recent cabinet decision to remove the language paper as compulsory from the APSC exams by various organizations said that the protests are only a political conspiracy.

Speaking to the media, Sarma termed the recent protests as a political controversy claiming that students and aspirants of the APSC were happy with the decision that the cabinet took.

He added, “We have made it easier for the aspirants to appear in the exams now. The aspirants can now sit for the examination without any fear. We should not differentiate people based on the language they speak or write.”

He added, “I may not be more Assamese than those who are protesting against the cabinet decision but I no less than them. I cannot differentiate between anyone. This is probably the first time in the country that a state has made the PRC compulsory for appearing in civil service exams. People should be happy about this.”

He added that although the Government has announced that language paper won’t be mandatory, it never said that people who would be qualified would not need to learn Assamese. He added that in order to work in Assam the person should learn Assamese as it is the official language but it cannot be forced during the exams.

Reacting to the recent issue of Assamese posters being removed in Cachar, Sarma said that the entire situation is a political conspiracy and there is an involvement of a third power.

He claimed that the issue is going on in order to create communal disharmony between the Assamese-speaking people and the Bengali-speaking people in the state.

He further claimed the protest and the clashes that are going on as of now will only weaken the Assamese community.

“Students who have been studying in the different medium have faced a lot of problem due to this and many deserving candidates were left out. A person studying in an English school also pays tax and one studying in Assamese medium also pays tax, we cannot divide these two. It will be unfair”, he added.

He alleged that a section of people in Barak are trying to create unrest among the people in the state and due to this Bengalis living in Brahmaputra Valley are living in fear. “We are inquiring the entire issue and very soon we will take action against everyone who we find involved in the conspiracy”, he added.

He added that strict actions will be taken against those who are found to be involved as the police cannot take actions against one for just removing posters.

Sankar Jyoti Baruah, General Secretary of the AASU said that the decision taken by the cabinet is very “unfortunate” for the people of Assam. “We do not understand how can one decide to remove Assamese from the list of compulsory papers”, he added.

He added that by removing the Assamese language as compulsory the safeguard or rights of people who love Assamese or have completed their education in Assamese medium has been put at risk. “As the language has now been removed, people who are not from Assam and cannot speak any local language can be qualified by just knowing Hindi. This can never be accepted”, he added.

He further added that Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that if anyone wants to get employed in Assam, then he or she should know Assamese but the latest announced now seems to be a clear “U-turn”.

He added, “We demand the immediate removal of the Cabinet Decision.”

The Assam Cabinet on Wednesday announced that language paper will not be mandatory from now onwards for the Assam Civil Service aspirants but with three conditions.


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