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Puppy born with 1 eye, 2 tongues & without nose in Philippines; named ‘Cyclops’

MANILA: A pet dog belonging to one named Amie de Martin from the Philippines’ Aklan province on February 6 gave birth to two puppies. While the first puppy appeared normal, the second one was born with one eye, two tongues, and no nose, leaving the dog owner surprised.

When Amie picked it up, the pale-skinned puppy struggled to breathe. He had two huge protruding tongues. It had one eye located in the middle of the head and no nose.

Amie fed the struggling puppy to drink milk from its mother using a dropper and with powdered milk. She then took the puppy to the vet.

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The puppy named Cyclops, however, did not make it. He tragically died that night around 10 pm, as he could not breathe properly.

According to the vet, when the mother dog was pregnant, she might have eaten toxins that caused the condition.

Instead of burying it in the garden, Amie kept the puppy in a glass box.
It was believed that the puppy had a rare disease called Cyclopia, which affects mammals and other animals.

It may be caused by a genetic defect or toxins that affect the development of the brain.

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