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Rahul Gandhi impresses with extreme push ups during campaign; video goes viral

GUWAHATI: Ex-Congress president Rahul Gandhi, hot on the campaign trail ahead of Assembly elections in several states, has gone viral with something totally unrelated to politics!

Gandhi, who was recently in the news for his “6-pack abs”, has once again wowed with his physical prowess.

Gandhi’s pre-election travels today took him to the St.Joseph’s Matric School in Tamil Nadu’s Mulagumoodu, where he participated in a ‘push-up challenge’ against a Class 10 student, Merolin Shenigha.

And how did he perform?

Rather splendidly.

In a video that is quickly climbing up the ‘trending ‘charts, Gandhi can be seen performing as many as 13 push-ups in proper form.

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At one point, RaGa even manages to do a one-handed push-up, which is a very challenging task.

Mr. Gandhi later uploaded the video on his official Instagram profile alongwith the caption, “Push up challenge by Merolin Shenigha, a 10th standard Judo enthusiast. Challenge accepted!”

Naturally, netizens are all praises for this “new side” of the Gandhi scion, who is a known fitness enthusiast.

“Sir that is too much 👏👏🔥🔥,” wrote a user, while another said, “Lol, I am LOVING your recent posts!”

Somewhat predictably, the post is accruing a large number of eyeballs, with over 3 lakh views so far.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi seems to have not skipped out on his gym days. A photo that appeared to have been taken shortly after Gandhi jumped into the ocean for a swim with fishermen in Kerala, has gone viral. In the photo, the outline of his abs could be faintly seen through his shirt.

The faint outline was enough for several prominent people to heap praises on Twitter and asking him for fitness tips.

Vijender Singh, who won bronze and silver medals for boxing at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, was among those who shared the image. He tweeted the image of Rahul adding, “Abs of a boxer… Most daring young fit & people’s leader Way to go…”

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