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Nagaland govt holds review meet on COVID-19 management of State

DIMAPUR: The Nagaland Government, led by Principal Commissioner (Home) Abhijit Sinha, held a review meeting on Wednesday at the secretariat conference hall with senior officers assigned to all districts of the state to review the COVID-19 management.

The officers assigned to various districts were most concerned about the low vaccination turnout.

They believed that vaccine hesitancy in people’s minds was the main barrier to achieving vaccinations.

They emphasised the importance of expanding the COVID vaccine awareness campaign, particularly in rural areas.

They also observed the need to educate community leaders, NGOs, gaon burhas (Village heads), and faith-based organisations on the importance of vaccination as soon as possible.

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It was suggested that misinformation and fake news be addressed rationally and logically, with write-ups or videos in local dialects prepared and distributed to the  public to counter viral fake news.

The officers provided a brief update on the situation in their assigned districts, as well as recommendations for actions to improve the overall management of Covid-19 throughout the state.

The State Government has decided to continue focusing on Covid testing, vaccination coverage, and the strengthening of healthcare infrastructure in the districts, citing the need to be prepared for the possibility of third wave.

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