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Ripun Bora’s bicycle protest goes viral on social media

NEW DELHI: Congress MP from AssamRipun Bora on Thursday staged a protest against price surge by riding a bicycle to the parliament on Thursday.


The videos of his protest have gone viral om social media platforms.

Some are calling it a stint while some have come in support of the cause.

Interacting with media, he said that if being an MP he is not allowed to discuss the issues in the Parliament then where would an MP go.
“The government is not allowing us to discuss issues like fuel hike in parliament, so we have to protest against the exorbitant price rise.”
Taking to Twitter , the Congress Rajya Sabha MP wrote: “Several protests were taken out in ASSAM against the exorbitant #PetrolDieselPriceHike. But it was now time to make the deaf ears hear, by bringing the protest to the mainland. I rode a bicycle to the parliament from my residence to protest against the sky high price rise!”, wrote Bora taking to Twitter.

“We have been raising it in the parliament, we have been demanding for discussion in the parliament about this hike of fuel and essential commodities, The government has not allowed us to discuss it in the parliament.”, he added.

The petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 per litre-mark in most parts of the country.
Even after several protests, the oil marketing companies have not revised fuel prices. 


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