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Royal Global University organized Ekta Utsav to celebrate Bohag Bihu

Guwahati, May 3, 2019:

To celebrate the Assamese New Year in a royal style, the Department of Sociology in Royal Global University (RGU) on Friday organized Ekta Utsav 2019 to celebrate Bohag Bihu.
As Bohag (the month of April) is the first month in the Assamese calendar and with the beginning of the year, RGU incorporated the spirit of celebrating the old and welcoming the New Year.


A plethora of Northeast Indian cultures was showcased by faculty and students from the 17 Departments to highlight the interplay of tradition and modernity. Traditional, modern and fusion dances, songs and skits were performed.

Mizo bamboo dance, Angami song, Maitai dance, Sema song, Mising dance, Adi warrior dance were some of the performances that were showcased. Ekta Utsav carries the concept of unity in diversity based on cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, ideological and/or psychological.

The motive behind organizing this program by the Department of Sociology is to make students understand the importance and carry forward the traditions, languages, art, and culture.

Northeast India folk dances and songs of these states are often performed during festivals or to celebrate life. Dance is an important aspect in the lives of people living in this part of the country and hence many age-old dance forms are still practiced and kept alive.
Celebrating the old and welcoming the New Year, by this thought Royal Global University is preserving the culture through its performances in colleges and universities which will ensure its’ longevity in years to come.

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